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Electricity Comes From Other Planets

Current Play in Progress

Actors Studio Reading

November 30, 2022

Studio Reading Notice

Staged Reading at the Actors Studio Playwrights Directors Unit

Featuring: Victor Slezak, Barbara Kingsley, Tony DiMurro, Alexandra Ferrara, Barry Scott. Directed by William Roudebush.

1-2-3 Manhunt

October 4-24, 2021

Theater For The New City

123 Man Hunt Poster

Deb Miller
DC Metro Theater Arts

"1-2-3 Manhunt is a show that packs a punch, with its spot-on writing, direction and performances. It will keep you engrossed and leave you wondering."

Derek McCracken
Broadway World

"The American Dream - deferred or dead in New York 2021? At a time and place where real estate is still a premium during the pandemic, you'll be hard pressed to find more drama per square inch than 1-2-3 Manhunt."

Peter Filichia
Broadway Radio

"DiMurro did an extraordinarily good job in justifying the situation with strong writing, Santo Fazio gives the best performance by an actor I've seen this season and William Roudebush knows how to direct a play and keep the suspense taut. Terrific! The play's the thing, the production is the thing. Go see it!"

Joel Benjamin

"DiMurro writes with an acute sense of the rhythm of New York speech and its old school jargon, helped by director William Roudebush's complementary sense of timing, not to mention four expert actors who know how to embody these characters."

Three For The Road

Splinter Group, Milwaukee WI.; The Road Theater, Los Angeles, CA.

Dave Begel

“The Splinter Group’s 3 For the Road explores leaving and left behind. It’s a dramatic evening of theater featuring an arc that is unique and fascinating.”

"Told in an eloquent and haunting voice, each of the unique stories takes us on a journey of different people at different times in their lives that ultimately turns this poignant tale of desperation into one of redemption.”

Amanda Sullivan
Shepherd Express

“A very still play with a raw power.”

Mike Fischer
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"In the middle of the journey of our life / I found myself astray in a dark wood / where the straight road had been lost sight of."

That's Seamus Heaney's translation of one of the most famous openings in literature, and what was true for Dante 700 years ago remains true today: You're either lucky or a liar if you reach middle age without experiencing some version of a midlife, in which you lay awake lost, wondering about roads not taken. Some wander as well as wonder, including the desperate souls at the core of Tony DiMurro's "3 for the Road," a 65-minute world premiere being presented by The Splinter Group. 

Bergin Pines

ArtsWEST, Athens, Ohio

Minnesota Fats Is Right
Around The Corner

Minnesota Fats Is Right Around The Corner

Directors' Company Workshop

Sundance Institute

Theater Lab finalist

Waiting For My Man

WFMM Maria and Tic
Waiting For My Man

Matthew Murray

Talkin' Broadway Theater in Review

"Even if DiMurro never shows all his cards, he displays just enough of them for Waiting For My Man to emerge as a thoughtful, poetic examination of a dark situation in which, at first glance, there would appear to be no room for such. That, in itself, is a notable achievement."

Anita Gates
New York Times Theater in Review

"Maria recites sad poetry, Slim praises cigarettes (''Isn't smoking the greatest?'') and Tic describes what goes on inside his head as 'like The Jerry Springer Show.' Waiting For My Man, smartly directed by Anthony Patellis, isn't always compelling. (That may be the price of some street-life authenticity.) But it has the ring of truth."

Andy Propst
American Theater Web

Addiction in a Beckettian Ghetto.
"In Tony DiMurro's brisk and adrenaline-pumped Waiting For My Man, audiences are plunged into the No Exit-like futile world of heroine addiction. Sometimes lyric and poetic, sometimes angry and street smart, "Waiting" won't be for everyone, but does offer a fascinating, existential look into three people's lives."

The Coyote Bleeds

The Coyote Bleeds

"As racist, sexist bullies go, Det. Hunt Moore is insidiously good company."

Ben Brantley

New York Times Theater in Review

Margo Jefferson
The New York Times Sunday Arts & Leisure Section

"The Coyote Bleeds is grueling, funny and scary."

Cathy Seidner
New York Law Journal

"Although intended as a window into the world of police abuse and race-based crime solving, The Coyote Bleeds is much more than that. It is a spotlight on the soul of a man at the moment when the underpinnings of every facet of his life suddenly collapse and he is left alone, bereft of even his own philosophy of life."

Moe Green Gets It In The Eye

Moe Green Gets It In The Eye
Moe Green Gets It In The Eye
Moe Green Gets It In The Eye

Sy Syna
Back Stage Review

"The play is slow in unwinding, but it's peculiarities lift it above mere Mafia drama. Given RAPP Theater's artistic aesthetic, I'm sure it's director Cohen's intent to make Big John and his internal contradictions a paradigm for America - a nation were greed and spirituality co-exist, often with violent consequences."

Lawrence Van Gelder
New York Times Theater in Review

"Memories of Mario Puzo's and Francis Ford Coppola's Godfather meet memories of John Steinbeck's and Lewis Milestone's Of Mice and Men. Mr. Patellis as Big Johnny, Mr. Buckley as Slants and Lynellen Kagen as Mario's love, Lisa, bring their characters to credible life; and Mr. DiMurro once more displays talent."

Selected as Critic's Choice for the 
NY1's Passport to Off-Broadway Series

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